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How to get a Mercedes certificate of conformity

How to get a Mercedes certificate of conformity

How to get a Mercedes certificate of conformity ?

The Mercedes certificate of conformity is to provide the registration of a car, motorcycle or user (new or used) imported in Italy and is therefore part of the list of documents to be provided to obtain the registration certificate of your vehicle foreigner

What is a Mercedes certificate of conformity COC?

The European certificate of conformity or Mercedes COC of the vehicle authorizes the purchaser of the vehicle to move freely in Italy and gives him the right to make the final registration document of his vehicle. The certificate of conformity certifies the conformity of the vehicle and its technical characteristics with the European Community Directive introduced when leaving the vehicle factory.

The certificate of conformity must be sent to the registration formalities for a new car or an imported vehicle. The new owner of the imported vehicle, new or used, is obliged to bring this document to receive his new registration certificate.

How does the Mercedes certificate of conformity COC appear?

The Mercedes COC  certificate of conformity required for the registration process of a foreign vehicle is published in different ways in UK.

Therefore, for vehicles that have been the subject of a Community type approval, the manufacturer or his representative issues a European certificate of conformity (COC) valid in all European countries and often written in the manufacturer's language.


How to get a Mercedes certificate of conformity?


 The certificate of conformity is available at the homologation service https://www.certificateofconformity-coc.com/, this service provides and delivers for UK the certificate of conformity for the registration of a foreign vehicle.

Mercedes certificate of economic conformity


Our site of online order of compliance with the Mercedes certificate saves you time and receives your European certificate of conformity in a few days.

We help our customers to import and register their car or motorcycle imported from a European country by sending the Mercedes COC.

Our service gives you a low-cost European certificate of conformity, a document required when requesting the registration of a vehicle from a European country.

The Mercedes certificate of conformity is an official document that mentions all the technical characteristics of the vehicle for all brands of land vehicles.

 Our  Mercedes UK certification service was able to supply over 180,000 certificates of conformity for 9 years.

The Mercedes certificate of conformity is written in the language of the vehicle's country of origin. However, the European certificate of conformity can be established in Italian. Starting in 1997, all vehicles produced for the European market are delivered with the European certificate of conformity.

The certificate of conformity of the origin is in the language of the manufacturer and mentions all the peculiarities relating to the vehicles and more particularly in the field of European regulation.

As a result, the Mercedes certificate of conformity is published in German.

Vehicle manufacturers' brands provide a simplified certificate of conformity ordering procedure via our website.

With just a few clicks, you can order your certificate of conformity online at convenient prices, the processing of your request is fast and your certificate of conformity is processed and sent within a few days.

Do not hesitate to contact our Mercedes compliance service for any certificate of conformity or question on this document.


 The MERCEDES certificate of conformity team remains at your service!



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