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What is an Audi Certificate of Conformity

What is an Audi Certificate of Conformity

What is an Audi Certificate of Conformity


This document allows the free movement of goods within the framework of the European Union, especially the goods which are the subject of a registration.

Understand what the Audi European Conformity Certificate is


The Audi or COC Audi Certificate of Conformity refers to an official document in which the manufacturer certifies that the vehicle conforms to the type approval assigned. The European Conformity Certificate includes the identification of the vehicle and its manufacturer, the European type-approval number, the technical specifications of the vehicle and other data.


The content of this Audi Certificate of Conformity is defined by the EU Directive (Annex IX of Directive 92/53). Thus, it can not be issued for cars that do not have the EU specification (for example, for vehicles destined for the US, Japanese or other markets) or for older vehicles. This document is not intended for modified vehicles either. This certificate of conformity is issued only for passenger cars, two-wheelers and commercial vehicles weighing less than 3500 kg.


This is one of the documents used to register a particular vehicle, utility or motorcycle. He is usually asked to make a registration card, to register an imported vehicle. In practice, it is possible to register the vehicle with a certificate of conformity in German, English, French or any other European language.


What is the Audi Certificate of Conformity?


In fact, when leaving the factory of a new vehicle, a certificate of automobile conformity is issued. This document is useful for driving on European roads in peace. It is a mandatory document to be able to proceed to the first registration of the automobile, near the French prefectures. Logically, it is automatically delivered with the vehicle when it leaves the factory. This certificate must be presented during the technical inspections.


The European Conformity Certificate certifies that the vehicle complies with the directives and regulations of the European Community. Without this document, registration of the vehicle is not possible. The certificate of conformity is issued for the following vehicles:

- vehicles of category L or M1 (cars, motorcycles),

- vehicles intended to be marketed on the European market,

- vehicles whose year of first registration is after 1995,

- vehicles whose first registration has been carried out in a Member State of the European Union.


 Order the certificate of conformity

To be valid, you must order your certificate of conformity on one of the following sites:  https://www.certificateofconformity-coc.com/


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